Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knight Family Golfing, Take Three

Every year as a part of its summer party festivities, TNI hosts a golf tournament at a local golf course. For the past three years, Dad, Jeff, Amy and I have participated.

It's always a good time, just to be out soaking up the sun, pretending I can golf... but each year we are steadily improving (first year=18 over par, last year=8 or 9 over, this year=2 or 3 over). We're no serious golfers (for three of us, it's the only time we golf all year), but it's really fun to get the occasional* brilliant shot in there.**

So here are some pictures... from Talon's Cove Golf Course in Saratoga Springs.

At the driving range.

Jeff is by far the best golfer among us.

Isn't Amy just beautiful?

Okay, you can't really see her face in this shot, but I still think she is gorgeous.

Either watching a great drive, or looking in the weeds to see if they can tell where the ball went.

*Occasional being the operative word... a rare great shot in the midst of dozens of divets, even more misses, and general ineptness on my part. :)
**I still don't see how people find golf relaxing.

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mommyofthree said...

Good for you for taking the chance to go once a year. I'm a TERRIBLE golfer and think it's way too much stress to be fun. And too much walking.