Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm a Sucker For...

... books, earrings, and anachronistic correspondence items.

I bought a glass pen today at my favorite writing store in Paris, l'Ecritoire.

I love it. It writes beautifully with the stylographic ink I bought. I'm going to have to go back and buy some calligraphy ink, though, because it's a bit thicker and more opaque.

I even bought invisible ink and wrote letters to Taylor and Easton that I'll be mailing on Monday. Shhhh... Don't tell.

I also love wax seals. I think they're so cool, and I need to use the ones I have more often. Who doesn't like getting a letter sealed with a cool wax design? (Seriously, who? If you don't, let me know... 'cause I'll try to never send you one.) I know I love it.

Proof of the book problem? I sent an entire suitcase full of books home with my parents, and I'll be bringing another full suitcase of books home myself. It's kind of sad, really. Though since one day I plan to have a library in my home, I guess I have to build up a book collection somehow, and accumulating books over the years seems to make more sense than buying hundreds of books once the library is built. (The problem is where to put them in the meantime, right Jessica?)

I've started packing. One suitcase is all ready to go, my books are in piles with Post-Its indicating the pile's weight in kilos on top, and everything I won't be using in the next two weeks has been piled into my recently purchased enormo-gem of a suitcase.

We'll see how much I end up shipping...

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