Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back in Paris

After a decent night's rest, we packed up early and drove into Paris, hoping to avoid too much traffic and get the car turned in to the rental agency on time. We stopped at my apartment and dropped off all of our stuff first. (It was really convenient to have a parking garage just below my building for that.)

Then we went bak to my apartment, picked up Mom and Dad's stuff, and headed to their hotel. We spent the week doing a handful of different things, but the pace was much slower than the rest of our trip (or any of our previous trips to Paris). Here's what we did:

Arc de Triomphe
(After, of course, climbing the 5 billion stairs involved)

Pere Lachaise Cemetery (yep, that would be my 3rd visit.)

But we did see Abelard and Heloise's final resting place.
Oscar Wilde's gravestone

We also went to the very interesting (and free) Carnavalet Museum. It's all about French history, so if that doesn't float your boat, skip it.

A model of the famous (and now non-existent) Bastille.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man
And a gorgeous Art Nouveau room.

The Louvre (of course.)

La Defense

The Luxembourg Gardens

This random (but pretty) restaurant east of Notre Dame.

as well as the Orangerie Museum to see the Waterlily paintings, and I frankly can't remember what else.
It was nice.
It was relaxed.
My parents let me sleep in and meet them downtown at noon.
Love my parents.
Love Paris.
Not going to cry.

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