Thursday, March 11, 2010


I like change. I crave it. It's refreshing and renewing to me.

My college roommates used to joke about me being pregnant all the time because I always wanted to move our furniture around in different configurations. When I owned a house, the artwork on the walls changed about every 6 months.

So. Why bring this up? Well, I just realized today that it is an important factor to consider as I'm weighing different career options.

My most recent career decision is Museum Studies. And I happen to think it's a perfect fit for me.

For the past 6 months or more, I've been trying to decide between art, education, and public administration.

Museum Studies combines them all. I decided I would really love to be the education director of a museum--coordinating workshops, seminars, school tours, creating curriculum based on permanent and temporary exhibits.

Think about it: I would be involved in education (check), surrounded by art and constantly thinking about/researching/talking about art (check), and the content I develop would change regularly, as would the people to whom the information is presented (check). Art, education, public administration, and change.

It's been a long time coming... but I feel really good about it!

So, to help get some experience under my belt, I am volunteering as a docent at both the Springville Museum of Art and the BYU Museum of Art. I'm really excited.

(I just hope it doesn't mean another 4 years of undergrad studies before I can do a Museum Studies Certification.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me! ('Cause I'm going to do it all while working full time.)


Denise said...

Please keep us updated on the special exhibits at both museums. It sounds like a fun career path. Dream big - what about the Smithsonian? The British Museum? The Louvre?

Brooke said...

Awesome! I think you'd do great working in a museum. I really admire your ability to crave change. I can only do it in small doses (changing my hair, buying some new clothes/accessories a little out of my comfort zone, etc.). And, you seem brave, which I think is totally awesome! Good luck!

Ash Att said...

Sarah! thats so awesome! keep me updated on whats going on. i hope all is going well for you! we need to play. ps i want you to come to my bday party. i'll text you about details :)

Deborah said...

Wow. I think that fits you perfectly.