Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pizzeria 712

Today I got a lovely surprise just before noon when my Mom called and invited me to lunch.

We ended up having lunch at
Pizzeria Seven Twelve. Sooooo very tasty. They use sustainably farmed products ("whenever possible"), focus on in-season produce, and they use a brick oven to make their deee-lish pizzas. They also have great salads and offer three or four different kinds of panini (which I haven't tried yet).

They have funky art by local painters up on the walls, the kitchen is open to the entire restaurant, and everyone who has ever helped me there has been extremely friendly; all around it just has a great atmosphere.

Next time any of you are in Orem and have a pizza craving, try Pizzeria Seven Twelve. Yum.

*That's it for my very unofficial review. Thanks for reading!