Thursday, September 25, 2008

World Art Presents: Norman Lewis, Frank Stella, and Barnett Newman

I recently purchased "World Art: The Essential Illustrated Edition" from the Borders Bargain shelf for ~$10. And I love it. It's not as thorough as the book Amy gave me (1,000 Years of Painting), and I wish it were formatted a little better, but overall I really like it.

What's more, it opened my eyes to a lot of artists I've never heard of whose art I love. Mostly Abstract, Abstract Expressionist and Minimalist painters. (Big shock, I know.) (Ooh, and I just discovered this while I was looking for the previous links. Wow. Watch out!! This is a gold mine of discovery.)

I've discovered that color truly moves me. It speaks to me really deeply. I know that sounds all artsy and wierd, but I can't explain how profoundly I was impacted when I saw some of the works pictured below. They almost made my heart ache and left me breathless...but in that really good, "Wow, this is so beautiful it makes me want to cry" kind of way. (Don't be afraid. I'm not actually losing my mind.)

So, here are a few works of some of the painters this bargain book introduced to me.

Aren't these incredible?
I recognize that my tastes may differ greatly from yours, but I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of the things I've been discovering of late.
I've still got a list of artists whose vignettes I enjoyed in the book that I am still learning about. More to come!

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