Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I See Dead People

No disrespect intended... but every time I see a cemetery, visit a crypt, etc. the line from 6th Sense comes to mind.

Maybe that's because my father is constantly saying it. Thanks, dad. :)

So, one of the things Amy really wanted to do while she was in Paris was see the Catacombs. On Thursday (I think), we ventured out to get there bright and early... and still found ourselves in line behind a HUGE group. There had to be at least 100 of them in line ahead of us. This was a problem because the catacombs can only accomodate so many people at a time, so they only let a few people in at once, and then the line just stagnates for a while. The other reason it was a problem was that Ames and I had a train to catch later so we could head out to Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Luckily, there were also about 30 kids from that group that got in line after us, so just before the doors opened, their group "director" told us and two or three people behind us in line that we could go ahead of their entire group in order for them to stay together. Hello! Really nice, and really convenient for Amy and I, because that left us just enough time to see the Catacombs and make it to the train station.
The unassuming entrance to the Catacombs

Amy and I standing below an inscription that reads: Stop! This place is the Empire of Death!

Skulls forming a heart. I don't know whether to think that's sweet or full-on creepy. But I'm leaning toward creepy.

Me quaking in my boots

Amy laughing in the face of Death. Ha!

I think it would be fascinating to be here during the resurrection. Don't you? Can you imagine the chaos? I know this is probably a really incorrect view of things, but I can just picture bones flying around to make it back to their proper body... and I think it would be interesting to watch.

Climbing the never-ending spiral staircase to the exit.


meagan said...

I always wanted to sit in Westminster Abbey during the resurrection so I could meet all the famous people...

And thart skull heart IS creepy!

hknight said...

So funny and true story,one of the first things dad said when he cameover was that the trip was good, and "He saw dead people!"

Sarah said...

Meagan, thank you for shring--it makes me feel more normal that other people have thought about this kind of thing.

Heather, I totally believe it. :)