Thursday, April 14, 2011


After work today I changed things up a bit.

Grey pants: Wal-Mart (who knew Wal-Mart had cute clothes?? I didn't until a week ago)
White shirt: Wal-Mart
Grey flats: Target
Necklace: No idea whatsoever.
Bangles: Mix of Target and Forever 21


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

You look lovely :) I can't believe you got them at walmart!

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

You ARE lovely! I really appreciate your taste - classy, simple, elegant, and refined. You are a beautiful person, my friend. And more importantly, who you are shines brightly in your face and eyes. Great work on this. It's fun to see you and your efforts...

Ash Att said...

you are so so pretty! i love all your cute outfits!