Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday, Yesterday and Today

-I followed through with the hang-out that was arranged on Thursday at Institute. If you were going to guess what happened and you hypothesized, "He probably pressured you into dating him, wondered why you weren't interested, tried his very best to manipulate the situation (even though you're an expert at blocking such attempts) and then said things like, 'Well, I don't want to pressure you.' and 'Maybe tomorrow you'll text me and say you changed your mind.'" you'd be right.
If you thought that maybe after that I would make a promise to myself to ignore all of his texts and calls, you'd also be right.

Yesterday I:
-went to the market and bought lovely produce, but forgot to get meat so I could make stuffed tomatoes and round zucchini today. Heirloom tomatoes, just so you know, cost 2.50 each here. ouch.
-bought some cardigans
-went on a date with the Egyptio-Italian and saw a funny movie called "Le Missionaire" about an ex-con who pretends to be a priest to get away from some "old buddies" that are out to get their share of whatever money he is supposed to have (and no, it's nothing like Sister Act). Also got crepes and saw the market at Port de Clignancourt for the first time. Wow. That place is crazy.
-got home late

-I got to church on time! Early, actually.
-Told the Sister missionaries about my random boy conversations of the week. They love hearing the stories as we walk to teaching appointments and wait for church to start.
-An investigator that I've been helping the sisters teach came to church with her two daughters today (and on time! No small feat for a single mom with two kids under the age of three that has to rely on public transit)! Huge forward progress for an investigator who wasn't progressing. And while she was getting her daughters ready to go at the end of church, she was talking to them about "next week at church" like it was the most natual thing in the world. Yessssss.
-Entertained said daughters during sacrament meeting
-Also manned the nursery today during RS and Sunday School. Bilingual nursery is kind of crazy, but awesome.
-I might have downed a whole (and not tiny) tart with zucchini, tomatoes, creme fraiche and mozzarella like it was a personal pizza
-I discovered that I lost 6 pounds over the last month. Go figure. (Factoring in that tart, well... maybe 5 pounds.)

So, tomorrow it's back to school and work for 4 days and then... I'm off to Frankfurt, Germany with the YSA's for a long-weekend temple trip. Suh-weet! I haven't been to the temple since January. Can't. Wait.


Erin said...

What a great weekend you had! And I am so excited for you to go to the temple. Can't wait to hear about it.

denise said...

I am salivating as I read about that tart - wow! Out of curiosity, how do you get away with being gone from school when you travel with family and friends?

Sarah said...

Denise, for the week with Amy I just told my professors I couldn't make it to class. They were both fine with it. As far as the family vacation, it was "Easter break," which here is TWO WEEKS long!! And this weekend is a holiday weekend, so I won't be missing class again. :) But that's how I managed to get away with that much vacation time and not have it cripple my education entirely.

Emmaline said...

Sarah---have so so so much fun going to the Frankfurt temple. You can only imagine how badly I wanted to do that! I love the JA :) Tell them hi for me, well at least Agenor, ok?

I'm glad I can still pretend I'm in France when I read your blogs. Embrace life there! (Um, I wanted to say that en Francais, mais "embrasse la vie..." ? euh, non. Je dois apprendre comment le dire...)