Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thursday Night...

...I'll be sleeping just 10 minutes away from Disneyland Paris.

But I'm not going to Disneyland*. Oh, no. I'm going somewhere WAY better.

The Frankfurt temple!! I can't wait.
A) I love Germany
B) I love the Temple!
C) Bonus: A distribution center is right nearby... (so, you can bet I'll be stocking up)

All of the YSA's that are going on the temple trip are meeting at the church in Torcy at 8:30 Friday morning, then putting in a long day of driving before going to the temple Friday night, having a fireside, going to the temple Saturday morning, and heading back to France.

I decided that instead of pushing my luck and trying to make the train ride that morning (I have had multiple problems with the trains this very week), I would take the train Thursday after Institute and camp out overnight in a Mister Bed right by the train station and the church. I'll probably end up staying there Saturday night, too, since we'll be getting back into Torcy at 11:00. If the trains are still running from that station at that point, I might try to just get back into the city. But... we'll see.

I haven't been to the temple since January and I am really looking forward to it. Access to a (ha, A... how about EIGHT) temple within easy driving distance is definitely a bonus of the good ol' hometown, whatever it's limitations may be.

*not this weekend, at least. I'm thinking it's a day trip I'll have to make before coming home, though.

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