Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Amy and I also made a quick stop by the Pompidou Center. HALF of it was closed to prepare for an exhibit of works by female artists. Lame. (Not the new exhibit, but that they closed down HALF of the museum.)

I took a couple of pics, then found a bench to rest on while Ames took a look around the remaining half of the museum.

I'm going to be heading back there sometime in the next couple of weeks, because there is a Kandinsky exhibit that just opened!! Can't wait to see that. As some of you may remember, I love Kandinsky. His most colorful and graphic works really inspire me. It will be really interesting to see some of his other works in person (there are two very small works on permanent display in the Pompidou, but nothing that I was a huge fan of). Hopefully it won't disappoint.

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