Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Faves* - Memories of the Townhouse Edition

It's official.

I'm closing on my house next Wednesday and handing over the keys to Heather's brother, Jared. He got engaged while we were all at Disneyland, so he's going to move in now and spiff the place up a bit before his cute fiancée, Katrina, moves in post-wedding.

So, as a final farewell to the ol' townhouse I thought I would write down some of the best memories I've made there.

1) First, just moving into the place and making it mine. Mom and I painted SEVEN coats on the bottom half of my front room to get it to that perfect shade of deep red. The color chip I chose and the actual paint on the wall didn't match. We kept saying, "Well, maybe one more coat will make it look less fire engine-y".
After two coats of primer and three coats of the 1st red, I took the paint to Home Depot and stood there while the guy mixed, remixed, and remixed again until I was happy. So, now I have an awesome custom paint color 'recipe' in my filing cabinet.

2) Living with wonderful girls: Jessica, Camille, Happy. All great friends, all wonderful roomies. And all soooo different from one another. Wow.

3) Staying up until all hours laughing and talking with whoever was there. You know who you are (and most of you probably don't read my blog, so... whatever). (We can still be friends.)**

4) Having sleepovers with Taylor and Easton.

5) Being the HOA president (HA! Not. That was one of the main reasons I decided to move in the first place [pre-France]).

6) The LeChems (kindred spirits of fun and sassiness that I met in my ward). Two of the most brilliant and gorgeous women I know. If I didn't buy my townhouse, I never would have met them. That would have been a tragedy, indeed. They are wonderful.

7) Dinner parties with Ruth and all of her friends.

8) Putting together piece after piece of "some assembly required" furniture.

9) Painting things that weren't really meant to be painted. And liking the results.

10) Making myself a custom earring holder.

11) Creating some of my favorite paintings ever.

12) Learning so much about home ownership. That will come in handy later.

13) Going to plays with Jessica!

14) Finishing my last two classes via the internet and finally graduating from college.

15) Spending lazy Sunday afternoons on a blanket in the front yard just reading.

16) Crepe parties!!

17) Trying to do areobics in my front room, and mostly giving up. Moving all of the furniture to make room was a good enough workout, usually.

*It's been a while since I've done Friday Faves. Woops!
**Me: Hi, I'm Sarah. And I'm addicted to parentheses.
Group: Hi, Sarah.

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Emily said...

Great memories! What is it about parenthesis? I am totally addicted to them, too.