Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Note From France

As I've been going through all the stuff I moved from the townhouse back to my parents', I found a notecard I had sent to Jessica and Happy while I was in Europe with my family last May (2007).

Isn't it cute? I loved the pop-up Eiffel Tower.

Here is what I wrote:

Hey, ladies!! We're off to Berlin in the morning, so I just thought I would drop you a line from Paris before we left. London was great, Paris was FAB-U-LOUS, and I absolutely need to move here. We'll see what Germany and Italy have in store for us next! Thanks for holding down the fort while I'm gone! See you soon. Love, Sar.

Over the past few days I've been having some minor freak-out moments. When I think too hard about moving to a city with 11 million people, by myself, without knowing anyone, I kind of get nauseated. But then I see things like this notecard, and I realize how comfortable I am there, how much I flat out love it, and how well I communicated with everyone in Paris when I was there with my family (I definitely took on the role of official spokesperson).

I'll have two full weeks to adjust to Paris life before school even starts, so I'll be able to figure out where the grocery store is, how long it takes to walk to the Metro, how long the train ride is, and how long it takes to walk to school. I'll have time to go see some exhibits, and maybe even go on my first out-of-country adventure. I'll stop in to go to Institute on my first day, call the missionaries to figure out which ward I'm in, and get myself unpacked and my shelf in the kitchen cupboard and fridge stocked so I don't just eat panini and crepes for a week straight (my immediate family knows that this is a serious possibility). The second day I'm in town is when I go to school to have my language skills tested. Once that is done they will determine which class "level" I belong in and I'll know more about what my class schedule will be like. That's the 22nd... and classes don't start until Feb. 10th. So, really there's no good reason for me to freak out.

I'll also be taking a LOT of pictures. So prepare yourselves.


Jess said...

I am totally ready for all the pictures. I know that you will have an amazing time in Paris.

gma dibb said...

I'm so excited for you. You will do fine in France, especially since one of your immediate goals is to contact the church. I've found the familiarity of the church has helped me in all of the moves we have made. Granted, I haven't lived in a foreign country, but still, the music and the general format of the way the church runs will be familiar and comforting to you.
Best of luck and HAVE FUN!

Scrappy said...

That card is so pretty. It is so cool that you found it.
You are going to have a blast. And, yes, I am definitely prepared for all of the pictures... I can't wait!!!

Denise said...

I can't wait to see all your pictures and read your posts. It will be an exciting adventure for all of us who will be enjoying Paris vicariously.