Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cruising Day 2 - College Fjord!

Our last full day on the ship was spent cruising around more gorgeous scenery, and right about dinner time we entered College Fjord. It was incredible... There were glaciers everywhere!
The female college glaciers run along the northwest side of the fjord.

Harvard Glacier is the biggest. You can see all of the streaks in the glacier--that is were boulders that were either frozen in the glacier or trapped under it were slowly ground into dirt by the constant shifting and moving of the glacier towards the water.

Harvard and Yale Glaciers at the top of College Fjord.

I don't know which glacier this is, but it shows how rough and rugged they really are. I always thought of glaciers as really smooth and pure white. Yeah, not so much the case with these ones.

I took this picture just to show how the landscape looks after a glacier retreats. You can see all of the dirt that the glacier has deposited as it has melted and retreated up the side of the mountain.

There were also hundreds of icebergs floating around, so I tried to capture a picture that demonstrates the 90% below/10% above concept of icebergs. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, but I thought it looked cool either way. Isn't it amazing how blue the glacier run-off water is? There are even better examples of that coming in my next post on Anchorage...

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