Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cruising through Beautiful Skies

After leaving Ketchikan, it rained for a while and then the sun came shining out through the clouds before it set (which was right around 10:00). As the light came back into the sky, the most ginormous and beautiful rainbow I've ever seen appeared in the sky. It was so huge even my wide angle lense couldn't capture it, so the pictures below only show one side of it at a time.

What was amazing to me is that the sky was simultaneously blue, gray, rainbowed, golden, or blood red depending on where you looked. It was like every direction you turned you were on a different planet!

These pictures were taken literally within minutes (some of them seconds) of each other. Every time I turned around the sky had changed again. (That's why I took so many pictures... it kept getting more and more beautiful.)

I love that last shot because it is totally candid of the guys. I was actually in the middle of cleaning the lens and was holding my camera at about waist-high and just randomly snapped this picture that I love.

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Denise said...

Those sunset pictures are amazing!