Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fiesta Days!!

Some of you may not know that I really love rodeos. I discovered how much I enjoy them just a few years ago at the Utah State Fair, and I think watching bull fighting in Southern France when I was in high school might have contributed to my increase in interest.

Plus there are some really attractive cowboys out there. (Please note: I do not consider cowboy-ogling a good enough reason to go to a rodeo... it's just an added bonus, like any other sport -- notably baseball).

This Tuesday some friends and I went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo. It was a blast!! Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Bucking Horses
I didn't know horses were this flexible!

My favorite :: Mutton Busting!! (too bad the sheep look possessed)

The Clown did a Motorcycle trick jumping over a truck and horse trailer.

And, of course... it's not complete without bull riding!

There's always a certain level of anxiety at the rodeo. Maybe not for everyone. But I find myself constantly holding my breath, waiting for someone to have their neck broken or get rolled over by an enormous bucking bull with sharp horns. Does anyone else feel that way at the rodeo? Do any of you even go to rodeos??

By the end of the rodeo we were all sore from sitting on the horrible bleachers, we had dirt everywhere (crunchy teeth...yuck), and I had lost the lens cap to my camera... but it was worth it.

Now I just need to know when the next rodeo is so I can make someone take a picture of me in my new awesome cowboy hat. :)

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