Monday, July 14, 2008


Our next port was Juneau -- and even after that amazing day in Ketchikan, Juneau wasn't at all a letdown.

We wandered around town for a while and dropped in on one of Hap's friends who was working there for the summer.

Then we went whale watching!! It was incredible--definitely better than I had hoped for, and I got a bunch of cool pictures. I will limit myself, however, to just a few.

After we finished our whale watching adventure, we went up to the Mendenhall Glacier and hiked around for about an hour. It was incredible--rugged, unexpected, and breathtakingly beautiful.

I even found myself a nice, icy perch in the middle of the glacial lake! EXTREMELY cold, but a couple of fun pictures, and I still have all of my toes and a fun memory to go with them.

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hknight said...

That looks so beautiful! It looks like you had a great time (So far) on the cruise! I'm grateful you still have all your toes!