Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Art Snob and The Poster List: A Confession in Two Parts

Part One: I am an art snob.

It's true. I am very opinionated about art that I do and don't like, and I would rarely consider actually paying for art that someone else has created.

There are two reasons for this:

Reason #1. I am not independently wealthy, so I can't just buy all of the paintings I have posted about here. Believe me, if it were financially possible, there is nothing that would stop me from owning them and creating the World's Most Amazing Abstract Painting Gallery with Some Impressionist Works to Boot. (And I would definitely call it that, too.)

Reason #2. I see something someone else has made and I use that as inspiration in creating my own paintings. Even though I know a lot of talent and hard work (and TIME) goes into the things other people create, I just can't justify spending $1300 on a painting. That's two house payments, for crying out loud. Plus I just love to paint.

Considering these two reasons, it may not surprise you to hear that I rarely hang art in my house that I didn't make myself. Enjoying the process+refusing to buy others' works = lots of fun+random art that changes every so often (unless I really like a painting I've done, I won't keep it intact when I feel the need for change. I'll just paint straight over it).

The nice thing about being a cheapskate art snob is that I can make things I like--with exactly the right color, texture, pattern, etc. And if I don't like it when I'm finished, I can just cover it up and start over.

Part Two: I'm not a poster person.

That's probably because the only posters I ever owned were 1) posters of famous paintings which I never got frames for (and which, frankly, just didn't hold as much appeal when they lost the texture of the actual painted surface) or 2) tweeny posters that I tacked onto my walls next to all of my chalk pastel drawings when I was 13. (I need to find those old school artistic endeavors o' mine.*)

Having admitted this to you**, I am now going to do a complete about-face and tell you how much I love some of the offerings at The Poster List. Definitely frame-worthy, and definitely things I would put on my own walls if I had the space and wasn't moving. And considering my art sobbishness, the fact that I'm actually willing to spend money on these is a big deal to me.

I've been to their site before (don't remember how), but Jessica at How About Orange is holding a contest on her blog this week where you can win TWO awesome posters of your choice. Details here.

My personal faves are (from L-R) Lonely Flower, Gotcha, Shoe Fetish, and Kisses (not shown).

So, if you want to win a couple of grown-up posters, go to Jessica's blog. If you just want to buy some, check out their shop. Right now they've got two 12x18" posters for $20. Not bad, considering they don't feature Hannah Montana.

*Would you be interested in seeing them if I found them?

**There's no shame in the tweeny posters, right? I think everyone goes through that phase. And apparently my art snobbery has been a part of me for a lot longer than I remembered initially.

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Denise said...

1. Appreciating good art does not make you a snob. You have been exposed to some great art in your young life - you are a lucky person indeed.
2. Spending money on art you enjoy is an investment in you and also the art. We have purchased art that has appreciated substantially, much to our surprise and delight - but we will never sell it. Move the art around in your house and it takes on a whole new look. It will give you pleasure for years to come. A good investment indeed.