Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blog Award!

To my utter astonishment, this week* the darling, creative, and crafty (in a good way) Scrap Chair Potato gave me the "This Blog is Rated E for Excellent" Award!

Hooray! Not only was it a complete surprise, but I was truly flattered by all the nice things she had to say.

So now it's my turn to pass the award along...

And I pick Heather! I've blogged about Heather's mad decorating and party-planning skills before, but strictly speaking about blogging, she does a great job of keeping all her family and friends in the loop with great updates about their family's activites, always accompanied by loads of great pictures.

Okay, Heather... start writing your acceptance speech!! (But be warned--I'm totally going to turn music on over the last 5 or 10 seconds of it... just to keep it realistic.)

*Just in time for my 100th post, which happened to be this morning's Pie Chart post. :)


hknight said...

Thank You oh so much for this honor! I am truley taken by suprise and thrilled that you would consider me! You are the BESTEST!!!

scrap chair potato said...

Your deserve this award. It is just SO nice to read a great blog that is something other than a mommyblog (like mine), they can get pretty boring!