Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight Movie: Yes or No?

The Twilight movie opens today. Are you going to see it?

I will, but probably not this weekend. Unless there is a showing tomorrow that magically isn't sold out when I feel like making my way to the theater.

I might wait even longer because I don't want to be in a theater full of screaming girls in "Team Edward" shirts and the like. (Not that everyone going to see it is such a superfan... I'm just saying. It's like when we went to the new Star Wars movies and we found ourselves in line with a Sith Lord, Princess Padme, and other characters. What??)

I have mixed feelings about seeing the movie--I enjoyed the books (the last one FAR less than the previous three, unfortunately), and I'm curious to see how they translated some of the aspects of the book onto the big screen. I just hope I don't walk away from the theater wishing I had just saved my money and reread the books. :)


scrap chair potato said...

I will not be going to see it. I will be hanging with you tomorrow intead! :)
Really though, I have not read the books but I want to so I will wait until I finish the first book.
Can't wait to see you!

Jess said...

I think all the Friday times are sold out but I would be willing to brave Saturday night if you're game (as long as I have prepared my RS lesson.)