Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phonetique, Linguistique, Orthographe (Phonetics, Linguistics, Spelling)

Strange things are a-happenin' with my language skills these days. French spelling and pronunciation have very little to do with one another (as our phonetics professor keeps drilling into our heads--"Stop looking at the word--just say it!" But in a nice way, not a drill-sergeant way.). So phonetics and understanding how to recreate sounds independent of spelling is important.

However, it's causing some problems with my spelling in English.

Don't worry that while chatting with my dad just now I wrote. "Okay. Love you. Buy."

Or that while writing the above pseudo-quotation from my phonetics professor I put TWO P's in Stop(p).



Erin said...

I was in France for one week, and I came home and felt like I was speaking haltingly. Sheesh!

Hey, I just wanted to let you know - when I write about Stake Conf on my blog, I'm not going to link to you so you can have your privacy. Unless you WANT me to link to you; just let me know.

Again, it was so fun getting to know you for a couple of hours! If you're ever down in Cedar (or St. George), let me know.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I'm afraid it's really going to be a problem when I get home. :) Erin, you're welcome to link to me through your post--I'm not concerned about my privacy.