Friday, March 20, 2009

Tomorrow I'm Cleaning My Apartment

Now that the sun shines through my windows (HOORAY!), I can see the dust in my room (not so hooray).

Probably not helping my allergies.

Tomorrow everything is getting a good wipedown with the microfiber cloth I bought at the grocery store tonight. And I'm going to bust out the vacuum for the third time since I've been here.

I know. Call me a domestic goddess.

Once everything is clean, then I'll take pictures so you can see my home sweet apartment.

Then it's off to a Relief Society activity at the church, followed by a ward luncheon and activity. Should be a good time. I am supposed to take bread for 8 people. There's a bakery on Rue Renard between the Metro and the church that looks like it has really awesome bread. I'm going to stop there on my way and see if they've got some tempting things to offer (like multi-grain bread instead of the processed white awesomeness of the baguettes).

1 comment:

Erin said...

Baguettes. Oh dear baguettes. Your processed whiteness causes me to sing with joy.

Have you been to Picard yet? (Purchase the crèpes. They are to die for. YUM!)