Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's in a Name? (or, Pardon my Dust)

Some of you have commented on the recent re-christening of the blog and the new header photo(s).

I decided to rename the blog while I was in Paris, and I just like the sound of Paris Vicarious. I also like the Eiffel Tower picture a lot better than the one I posted up a couple of days ago of the Place de la Condorde. I'm prettty sure those are the only changes I'll be making, though.

The Silly English Kaniggit (the old blog name and still part of the url) comes from a nickname I've been given by more than one person in my life (including my entire district at the MTC). I think Ames has friends that call her Ka-Niggit, too. So when I first started the blog, that's the only thing I could think to call it (and, ironically, it is an insult from a French soldier to English knights in this movie).

Not quite sure what I'll do when I leave France. Maybe I'll change the name to something entirely different. Time will tell.


Jess said...

I noticed the name change but am psycically linked so I knew what you were doing.

meagan said...

Paris Vicarious is SO appropriate (: And I love your header pic.

me and my GSDs said...

I love the picture and the name! As far as the vote goes, although I voted for the Masters in French Linguistics and French Pedagogy, I wouldn't suggest going into it until you can spell PeDagogy correctly. :-)

hknight said...

I love the name, and I like this picture much more than the other as well! I loved this picture when it was in it's post! So I think I deserve some sort of extra credit!

Missing you tons!

amy said...

I love the name and the picture, but since we are both awesome and amazing, that shouldn't surprise you.