Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off to Paris

Let's say (hypothetically speaking) that someone was going to move to Paris. She had two potential apartments, both in great locations. One location is more central, but the other is a better price and still an excellent location--it would just require a longer bike ride to school (or, she could use the savings from rent to buy a transportation pass).

Keep in mind that school at the Sorbonne starts in February. The average temperature (low-high) in early February in Paris is 38-46 degrees Fahrenheit (and it snows on average 4-6 times in the month); by mid March it's from 44-57 degrees.

Apt 1 - Great Location, 400 Euros/month, much farther away from school

Hello, the Arc de Triomphe would be a block away!!

Apt 2 - Great location, 500 Euros/month, only 3-5 blocks from school

This one is about two blocks from Notre Dame and has a bakery right out the front door.

Both will have a bunch of tourists around in the summer because they are close to big Paris sights. Both have a washing machine in the apartment, a well-lit bedroom with a desk, and a sanitary-looking, albeit tiny, bathroom. Each will also have one other tenant who is not the owner living there.

I already know which one I'm going to take. But I'm curious... which one would you take?

Oh, yeah. Obviously the "hypothetical" is... not. I'm moving to Paris in mid-January. Hooray!

Photos are screen shots of the Google Maps Street View of each location.


Emily said...

How exciting for you! How long do you plan on staying there?
I would pick the first and get a transportation pass. But that's because I hate cold weather and snow. They both look great.

hknight said...

Both look nice, and would be fun locations! The close to school one would be nice for walking and the bakery, but if you could get a tavel pass, that would be nice, and could get you around to more than just school! Tough decision! Which one did you pick?

scrap chair potato said...

Seriously?! That is so awesome!
Man, I would take either, even with three kids, just to live there for a little while. I am so excited for you. I hope you keep your blog updated all the time when you are out there.

Sarah said...

I'm actually planning to stay 6 months if I can, but 3 months if I'm not able to get my visa put together in time. In which case I will be able to afford a dinky apartment by myself and not have to worry about creepy dude and his buddies on Craigslist. :)