Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Untitled" - a.k.a. I Love Luis Feito

Well, I love his paintings, at least.

His most recent ink on paper works are interesting, but not as textured and captivating as his older stuff.

These two are my favorites, though I pretty much like everything I've seen of his older works.

They are both "Untitled." Which, if I'm going to be honest, might make me like them better. Coming up with a title for every painting seems like it would be a pain (though the artists probably spend enough time with their medium and each work that they have the time to mull over it a while). I think leaving things without titles allows the audience to take a little more ownership of their reaction to the work itself.

(Plus, I think I would rather own a cool painting that is untitled than one that is called "Blue background with white hatch marks" or "Black and Grey blobs," etc.--wouldn't you?)

Aren't they incredible? The first is mixed media on paper, and the second is sand and oil on board. Breathtaking, and both in private collections. Wow, I want so much to be a rich art collector.

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