Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let's Pause for Awesomeness

On my verge-of-hysteria, brink-of-tears trek from Phonetics to Institute tonight, I came across this little bit of awesomeness that put a smile on my face.

There are performers all over the Metro stations, and even performers that come right into the Metro trains, do a performance, and then make the rounds with a coin purse for any potential offerings.

I happen to think that almost every one of them I've heard has some musical talent. However, I thought this was particularly amazing and unexpected.

Now I'm just sorry I didn't capture more of it.


Dangerman said...

Sarah, are you going to school in France or what? I saw on facebook that you got stuck in an elevator and now you are in a train station. Quite the adventurer you are.

Sarah said...

Yep, I am here until the end of June to try and improve my French a bit (well, and just to live here because I love it).