Monday, February 2, 2009


I was finally able to buy a ring. I found "just the right one" at the uber-classy and high-end tween jewelry store, Claire's boutique. It cost me $10, and it's so sparkly anyone who looks for more than a split second will probably know it's fake.

But I have to do what I can. So, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Actually, I would totally wear a ring like this--I love the three-stone rings, I think they are gorgeous.


Scrappy said...

Congratulations, it's beautiful!!! ;)

me and my GSDs said...

So is this to discourage any more would be romancers? :-)


Jess said...

Is it on the left hand just for the picture or will it remain there?

Sarah said...

Yes, it's to discourage unwelcome attention. :)
So, Jess, it's staying on the left hand.
But don't worry, only when I'm on the Metro and at the grocery store.

Diane said...

I was thinking you should take it off at church and at school for sure!