Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Bed

... is not the most comfortable of creations.

For my first two weeks here, I slept in a crater that was wreaking havoc on my SI joints. It's one of those lovely little IKEA-style mattresses that must just be cotton balls stuffed inside heavy canvas.

So I spent way too much money buying way too many red fleece blankets to help even out the mattress.

I also bought this awesome (and also way expensive -lame!) heating pad that's practically the size of my whole back (as pictured below in the middle of my bed).
Last night was the trial run, and I think both of these DIY-changes helped quite a bit. We'll see how tonight goes. I still miss my body pillow, though. Not sure where I can find one of those here (or if I even dare cart it around on the Metro with me).

Ahhh... my room. It's big, yeah? I'll post more pics of the apartment sometime this week. That will include a better glimpse into my room when all of my bedding isn't draped ove the back of my "office" chair.


Jess said...

Oh for your mattress at home and your body pillow. If you could find an inexpensive one, it would be worth buying. Even finding a very long pillowcase and stuffing it with cotton or batting from a sewing store might be worth it. Did the pictures on the wall come with the room or did you get them?

Sarah said...

The pictures came with the room--they're not my style at all, but I haven't bothered to change them, since that would require me to spend money I'd rather use elsewhere.

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

I would only use the heating pad if you were really cold or really in pain. Otherwise it's a risk to sleep with it on. Oh, and put it down by your feet on the lowest setting. it will improve your circulation and warm up the part of your body that is the coldest...