Tuesday, January 27, 2009


was much more successful this week.

First of all, I got there early, so I was able to talk to a few people.
Second, I was there for "opening exercises," where they asked all of the new people (me) to stand up and introduce themselves.
Third, someone told me that every week after Institute we all meet upstairs for refreshments and "mingling."

That would have been good to know last week--but I'd rather know late than never, that's for sure.

So I made a couple of new friends tonight. There are several girls here from BYU doing a semester abroad, and they're really nice. I also met a couple of French guys who seem really nice.

I was having a good conversation with one of them, and while we were talking about the Catacombs or something one of the Institute missionaries came over and handed him a Mission Prep manual. He said he's working to go out on his mission two years from now. He needs that long to be "spiritually and financially" prepared. He asked if I had been on a mission and I said yes. We talked about missions (and mine specifically) for a second, and then the next words out of his mouth (and I'm NOT even kidding), were "So, now you're all ready to get married. Do you see anyone of interest here?"

Um. Maybe. But if I do, I'm sure not telling you. That would make me feel weird... and WAY too vulnerable to rejection. Plus, how does going on a mission mean I'm automatically ready to get married???

Anyways, he was a really nice guy, and he was a lot of fun to talk to, so I'm not going to let this one statement tarnish his good record. Plus, he was probably just talking about how marriage is probably the next big milestone I'm working towards. In which case I will put my indignation aside and say that he's probably right. Probably.

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Scrappy said...

Well, that was a bold question for him to ask you. Funny!

I am really enjoying all of your posts. You are awesome. I look forward to reading more...