Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking like a Native and Helping An Old Lady

So, today two people asked me for directions while I was wandering around by the Sorbonne. TWO! And one of them was French!! I feel like I'm a success story already. Is that wrong?

And the cutest thing happened this afternoon. I was crossing the street by a roundabout just a block or so away from my apartment, and there was this little old lady (she must have been at least 70) who was there trying to cross the street. There is no light at this roundabout like there are at some of the bigger ones, and she couldn't get across. So she said (basically), "Can I cross with you? I think they'll hit me if I try to step across on my own."

I said she could certainly cross with me, so she grabbed the bottom hem of my coat and I led her across the street. She was so sweet. And how cool do I feel that I acutally got to help a little old lady cross the street? Pretty cool, guys... pretty cool.


Scrappy said...

Go you!

Jess said...

Ummm, were you a boy scout in your past life?