Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little To Do List

Tomorrow is church day! Hooray!

Monday's agenda includes:
-buy new shoes that are WAY more comfortable than the ones I brought. Ouchy. My little piggies got smooshed today walking around in stilettos. Not going to make that mistake twice.
-buy a heating pad so my lame back doesn't get worse from the huge crater in the middle of my bed
-register for school!
-go somewhere besides the 4th and 5th arrondissements
-buy one of these:

It's a reusable grocery bag on wheels. Everyone here uses them. Which makes sense, since it's not like everyone has a car they can stash their groceries in while they stop to do other errands or drop their kids off somewhere. But even young people use them. Hooray! I'm not going to look like an old lady!

I have a couple of other stories from today that I'll share later. Right now I'm tired, and it's only 10:35, so I'm taking advantage of how normal that is and hoping I can roll out of bed in time to get decent for church.

Oooh, one more thing for Monday:

-buy an alarm clock. My cell phone is too easy to ignore.

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