Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smiling at single men in Paris...

... is apparently an open invitation for them to hit on you. Woops! I guess I forgot I wasn't in Utah anymore (where I'm pretty sure you can smile at anyone and they don't take it as a come-on unless they're WAY to arrogant for their own good).

Got invited out for drinks last night by some random guys on the street. And all I did was smile. Of course I didn't go, because I did in fact learn something from my experiences with my Algerian friend. Well, that plus I felt like I was being hunted. So that was kind of creepy.

I'm wondering if this kind of experience is why Parisians don't really make eye contact or smile at each other very often. Maybe they're afraid that everyone will think they're out to "get some."

Let me clarify that I think Parisians, and really most French people I've ever met, are really nice and warm-hearted people. They're just not as smiley and "hello"-ey to everyone they see on the street as what I'm used to seeing in Utah. There are 11 million people in the Paris Metro area, after all.


hknight said...

Stop invinting the french men to hunt you! Dad is probably having a heart attack! Next phone call he'll probably say something like "Do not be smiling at people, infact no eye contact at all! Just look down and walk fast!"

hknight said...

But seriously we all love you and want you to be safe, especially dad! So be a little careful about the men you smile at!