Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's Be Friends

My cousin Jeremy posted a link to SUMO Paint on his blog. It's like a web-based Illustrator, basically. I took an Illustrator class once. It was great. Then my trial version expired and I didn't have the cash to go buy the real thing. But I love Illustrator. It makes me feel all creative and happy.

Sadly, this is about all I can do without taking the time to learn how to use all the tools again. But I like the idea. I think I'll do some more and then print them out as little note cards. Wouldn't that be fun?


hknight said...

Shouldn't that caption say:
"let's JUST be friends!"?

Than you could hand it out like a business card to all the men in France whilst sporting your CZ!

Sarah said...

Ha! What a brilliant idea!!