Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Music Appreciation Moment

You may have forgotten about a previous post where I begged for music suggestions, but I haven't. I have definitely been testing the waters. I've still got a way to go because I also wrote about this on Facebook and got a ton of reponses there. But I promise I'll slowly and surely make my way through all of the suggestions given.

Here are some artists that I have a newly-developed appreciation for:

-The Postal Service
-Sondra Lerche
-A Fine Frenzy

Also, as a little FYI... Pandora is where I'm listening to all of the suggested artists. I love Pandora because it offers additional artists based on who you request to hear. It also tells you why it selected those specific additional artists so you can see the patterns in your musical preferences (if any).

The artists and songs I like, according to Pandora, typically feature:

-vocal harmony
-major-key tonality
-vocal-centric aesthetic

To me, that basically means I like pretty songs that I can sing along with. But I'm no music major.

1 comment:

Scrappy said...

I keep forgetting to ask my husband for suggestions. He is the one to ask about music at my house. I rarely have music on (gasp!) in the car or otherwise.
I will get back to you, although it looks like you are doing well on your own.